Basics of Time Management

This course will help you take your time management skills to the next level, organize the chaos, have better work satisfaction, while having more time for family, friends, hobby, development and relax.

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Basics of Time Management


Piotr Nabielec

Piotr Nabielec

Piotr helps people organize chaos, stop procrastinating, and build good time management habits. Since 2015, he has been leading online and offline courses and webinars. Before that, he spent 10 years as a software developer and manager in IT. He loves practical hints and solutions and enjoys Slow movement. TEDx speaker. He is also a musician and, as a hobby, travels and does various kinds of sports.

Time is precious

Time is precious

You can earn more money, but you will never get more time.

Managing your time is managing your life.

Today people have problems with ever-growing lists of tasks that seem to have no end. They multitask. Their life is filled with distractions, from office noise, through emails and chat, to social media and news. In the end, they blame themselves for procrastination and the inability to work regularly. In all this, they usually do their best to get stuff done and also help their colleagues.

This course will help you with those issues. You will be more productive and find a balance between achieving your goals, relationships, leisure and creative time.

Basics of Time Management:

Basics of Time Management 7 Modules
Basics of Time Management 29 Lessons
Basics of Time Management 1,5 h Long

Improve your productivity, work and life satisfaction

You will learn:

  • How our brain functions and why we sometimes need lists. Also how to form sustainable, long-term habits.
  • 4 common mistakes that people make with their task lists and how to solve them.
  • 7 strategies to overcome distractions.
  • Over 30 best apps and plugins that support everyday organization.
  • How to effectively plan our days in under 5 minutes.
  • How to effectively prioritize in short-term, mid-term and long-term.
Improve your productivity, work and life satisfaction

List of modules



Lesson 1: Welcome And How To Use This Course
Lesson 2: Why Practical Time Management And My Story
Lesson 3: You Are Not a Robot



Lesson 1: Levels Of Information Processing
Lesson 2: How Habits Are Formed And How To Help It
Lesson 3: The Role Of Urgency
Lesson 4: The Curse Of Open Loops - How Hormones Take Control
Lesson 5: A New Look On The Eisenhower Matrix

Quiz 1: Summary Of "How Our Brain Functions"



Lesson 1: Get It Our Of Your Head - And Why You Should
Lesson 2: List Of Useful Apps And Plugins (Free And Paid)
Lesson 3: Effective List Segmentation
Lesson 4: Breaking Down Projects
Lesson 5: Clarifying The Goal
Lesson 6: Additional Resources

Quiz 2: Summary Of "Effective Task List And Its Real Role"



Lesson 1: Task List vs. Calendar
Lesson 2: List Of Useful Apps (Free And Paid)
Lesson 3: Calendar Layers
Lesson 4: Useful Calendar Integrations
Lesson 5: High Focus Blocks

Quiz 3: Summary Of "Best Calendar Practices"



Lesson 1: The Anatomy Of Focus
Lesson 2: 7 Sources Of Distractions
Lesson 3: Working In Blocks And Pomodoro Technique
Lesson 4: Useful Apps And Plugins
Lesson 5: Coping With Office Distractions
Lesson 6: Additional Resources

Quiz 4: Summary Of "Focus and Distractions"



Lesson 1: Daily Planning Strategies
Lesson 2: Weekly Planning Strategies
Lesson 3: Energy Level Management

Quiz 5: Summary Of "Putting It All Together"



Lesson 1: How To Waste This Course
Lesson 2: What's Next - More Help And Extra Materials For Free

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