Become a Successful Team Leader

Become a better leader and manage your remote team effectively and efficiently. Learn from the best managers in the most effective distributed teams and deal with the most demanding challenges of today's workplace.

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Become a Successful Team Leader


Elżbieta Malik

Elżbieta Malik

Business trainer, coach and public speaker.
Specializes in training in sales, motivation, human resource management, training trainers and customer service. Has many years of practical work experience - more than 3,000 hours of training working with nationwide companies and private clients.

Radosław Czahajda

Radosław Czahajda

Trainer in the Evidence-Based stream.
He conducts research-based trainings and lectures in a variety of disciplines. He devotes a significant portion of his time to social activities, in addition to working, skateboarding, writing, running, managing a community of more than 2,000 people, investing and constantly learning new things. Realizing all these tasks and passions required a system that would allow him to manage them efficiently.

Manage your team efficiently!

Manage your team efficiently!

  • Develop and/or refine the skills necessary to lead your team effectively.
  • Find your leadership style and learn to leverage its strengths.
  • Learn how to motivate employees and learn techniques that will allow you to work with employee goals and development stages consciously.
  • Understand the peculiarities of managing distributed teams and learn what problems they face and how they deal with them.
  • Learn specific and effective practices that will allow you to improve the mechanisms of your team—including conflict resolution, delegating tasks, conducting meetings and creative sessions, motivating employees and controlling their progress.

Become a Successful Team Leader:

Become a Successful Team Leader 2 Modules
Become a Successful Team Leader 32 Lessons
Become a Successful Team Leader 4 h Long

List of modules



Lesson 1: Manager vs. Leader, Sources of Leadership Knowledge
Lesson 2: Team Leadership Styles - Part 1
Lesson 3: Team Leadership Styles - Part 2
Lesson 4: Temperamental Types
Lesson 5: The Eisenhower Matrix
Lesson 6: Goal Setting
Lesson 7: Feedback
Lesson 8: Stages of Employee Development
Lesson 9: Q&A - Frequently Asked Questions
Lesson 10: Motivational Myths
Lesson 11: Maslow's Pyramid and Herzberg's Theory
Lesson 12: Motivation of Multigenerational Teams
Lesson 13: Expose
Lesson 14: Communication Toxins
Lesson 15: Bullying
Lesson 16: The Psychopath Boss
Lesson 17: Q&A - Frequently Asked Questions
Lesson 18: The Best and Worst Leaders I Know
Lesson 19: Summary



Lesson 1: Differences in Distributed Teams
Lesson 2: Motivation and Confidence
Lesson 3: Delegating and Controlling
Lesson 4: Approach and Motivation
Lesson 5: Conducting Distributed Team Meetings
Lesson 6: Resolving Conflicts
Lesson 7: Technology in the Distributed Team - Part 1
Lesson 8: Technologies in Distributed Teaming - Part 2
Lesson 9: Leader Development
Lesson 10: Recruiting for the Distributed Team
Lesson 11: Transfer to a Distributed Team
Lesson 12: Managing a Mixed Team
Lesson 13: Summary

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