Boost Your Career

In 5 steps, you will create an action plan to help you get your career on track. This course will teach you research-based methods and techniques for more effective planning and time management. You will learn to increase your efficiency and become more productive by working less.

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Boost Your Career


Sylwia Dąbrowska

Sylwia Dąbrowska

Mental coach and business trainer.
Specialist in training individual predispositions that translate into the productivity of entire teams. Works with representatives from the world of business and sports, developing the talents of managers, players, and coaches. Demonstrates the value of good communication and the impact of emotional intelligence on performance.

Radoslaw Czahajda

Radoslaw Czahajda

Trainer in the Evidence-Based stream. He conducts research-based training and lectures in a variety of disciplines. He devotes a significant portion of his time to social activities, in addition to working, skateboarding, writing, running, managing a community of more than 2,000 people, investing and constantly learning new things. Realizing all these tasks and passions required a system that would allow him to manage them efficiently.

Aneta Kaczmarek

Aneta Kaczmarek

ICF certified coach, career coach, certified FRIS trainer, and group process facilitator. Co-owner of the Alekariera brand, Momentum Way Coach, lecturer at postgraduate studies for career counsellors, and Mentor in the Mentoring Program for Students at SWPS University.

Transform your career!

Transform your career!

Get rid of your fears about changing jobs and boost your confidence. Create a map of competencies that will help you get your dream job and career change plan.

You will learn ways to get promoted, which will automatically translate into your salary and life satisfaction. You will learn how to increase your efficiency both at work and in your personal life.

You will create your own pattern for living a balanced life and begin to put it into practice. You will learn specific techniques for resting and planning on a physical, intellectual and emotional level. You will learn what habits affect your efficiency well or poorly. You'll learn to make better use of your energy and time during the day and learn valuable tools for effectively planning and executing tasks.

Boost Your Career:

Boost Your Career 3 Modules
Boost Your Career 39 Lessons
Boost Your Career 4 h Long

List of modules



Lesson 1: Intro
Lesson 2: Defining and Balancing Work-Life Balance
Lesson 3: Breathing, Meditation Techniques
Lesson 4: What Your Body and Posture Are Saying
Lesson 5: Principles of Being Healthy
Lesson 6: The State of "Flow" - Is It Achievable?
Lesson 7: How to Be a Happy Person
Lesson 8: The Importance of Sports in Every Man's Life
Lesson 9: Habits of a Happy Man
Lesson 10: The Importance of Hormones in Life
Lesson 11: Rituals
Lesson 12: The Importance of Building Relationships
Lesson 13: Change vs. Sense of Life Balance



Lesson 1: What is Personal Effectiveness
Lesson 2: The Most Common Mistakes Made
Lesson 3: Agile Goal Management
Lesson 4: How to Take Care of Your Energy
Lesson 5: How to Arrange Your Priorities
Lesson 6: How to Plan Something Ambitious and How to Plan Every Day
Lesson 7: How to Get Ahead of Something and Get rid of Distractors
Lesson 8: Automating Everyday Activities



Lesson 1: Intro
Lesson 2: Self-diagnosis
Lesson 3: Values
Lesson 4: Temperament
Lesson 5: Strengths
Lesson 6: Your Personal Why
Lesson 7: Competency Map
Lesson 8: Deal with the Inner Saboteur
Lesson 9: Change Beliefs
Lesson 10: Work on Habits
Lesson 11: Clarify Your Career Goal
Lesson 12: Mental Simulations
Lesson 13: Personal Brand
Lesson 14: Networking
Lesson 15: Distribute Resources
Lesson 16: Identify Needs
Lesson 17: Action Plan
Lesson 18: Threats

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