Crypto For Beginners

A practical introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies. It explains step-by-step how to safely navigate and learn about web3-related technologies. It covers the most important topics needed to fully understand what cryptocurrencies are and how to use them on a daily basis.

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Crypto For Beginners


Daniel Milewski

Daniel Milewski

Enthusiast of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and new technologies. Programmer, heavily involved with web3 since 2017. Consultant for projects using blockchain technology. He explains in simple terms how web3 works and how to use cryptocurrencies safely in life and business. Program Manager at HeyEdu responsible for the world of crypto and all the content related to it. He supports decentralization and believes blockchain solves many problems. In his materials, he focuses on presenting the topic as it really is rather than how web3 solutions should theoretically work.

Cryptocurrencies and web3 without secrets

Cryptocurrencies and web3 without secrets

This course is a practical introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It covers the most important aspects needed to fully understand what cryptocurrencies are and how to use them on a daily basis. Daniel explains step-by-step how to safely navigate and learn about web3-related technologies.


Crypto For Beginners 6 Modules
Crypto For Beginners 36 Lessons
Crypto For Beginners 5 h Long

Universal materials

What are cryptocurrencies and blockchain? You will set up your wallet and buy your first crypto. You will see how to store this currency and how to use hardware wallets. You will learn tools that support security. You will see the most common mistakes. You will learn what NFTs are and how to use them. You will learn how you can make money with cryptocurrencies and learn the best tools and best practices related to web3.

The course, for the cryptocurrency savvy, is a good grounding in the subject. It goes into detail and more difficult issues. It is also a good starting point to begin the adventure of investing in crypto.

You don’t know anything but want to have your wallet already? Or do you know everything but still feel that something might surprise you?

You are in the right place!

Universal materials

Sample lessons

MODULE 3, Lesson 3: Using Hardware Wallets

MODULE 4, Lesson 5: Adding EVM Network



Lesson 1: Introduction And An Example of A Blockchain
Lesson 2: Blockchain Forming Elements
Lesson 3: Metamask - How To Install And Use The Wallet
Lesson 4: Metamask - Buying Cryptocurrencies
Lesson 5: CEX - Registration and Deposit
Lesson 6: CEX - Buying Cryptocurrencies And Using The Exchange


Lesson 1: Shipping and Deposit on Exchanges
Lesson 2: Block Explorer and Transfer
Lesson 3: Transaction Fees and Gas
Lesson 4: Token Exchange On DEX
Lesson 5: Selling Cryptocurrencies
Lesson 6: Taxes


Lesson 1: Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets
Lesson 2: The Trezor Wallet
Lesson 3: Using Hardware Wallets
Lesson 4: The Ledger Wallet
Lesson 5: Metamask And A Hardware Wallet
Lesson 6: Other Wallets and Tools


Lesson 1: Bitcoin
Lesson 2: Ethereum
Lesson 3: Types of Cryptocurrencies
Lesson 4: Networks And Layers
Lesson 5: Adding EVM Network
Lesson 6: Other Wallets And Blockchains


Lesson 1: Stablecoins
Lesson 2: Bridges
Lesson 3: Using Bridges
Lesson 4: Staking
Lesson 5: Delegating Cryptocurrencies
Lesson 6: Liquidity Pools


Lesson 1: DEFI - Decentralized Finance
Lesson 2: DEFI - Practice
Lesson 3: DAO - Decentralized Organizations
Lesson 4: NFT - Non-fungible Tokens
Lesson 5: NFT - Practice
Lesson 6: Useful Tools And Practices
Lesson 7: Frauds And Scams

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