DeFi For Beginners

Develop your skills with this complete introduction to the DeFi ecosystem. You will learn about different protocols, understand their features and mechanisms, and gain the practical skills needed to explore them.

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DeFi For Beginners


Kamil Polak

Kamil Polak

An enthusiast of blockchain technology and Chainlink Ambassador in Poland. An expert in model risk management in banks with more than 7 years of experience in financial markets.

Is this course for you?

Is this course for you?

DeFi for Beginners is especially recommended if:

  • You have basic knowledge in the area of blockchain technology and would like to expand it with new protocols.
  • You want to learn how DeFi protocols work in practice and how to use them in a safe and informed way.
  • You’re looking for an alternative to traditional finance (this is mainly about the lack of KYC).
  • You want to invest funds earned from cryptocurrency trading without having to go back to fiat.
  • You are interested in the application of blockchain technology in finance.


DeFi For Beginners 6 Modules
DeFi For Beginners 36 Lessons
DeFi For Beginners 5.5 h Long

DeFi and Beyond - The Basics

DeFi, stable coins, minting a new coin, decentralized exchanges, Automated Market Maker, constant market formula, and using DEXs vs. perishable loss are just some of the concepts covered in this course. You'll learn it, you'll understand it, and you'll use it. No worries; we will guide you through everything in a clear and understandable way.

DeFi and Beyond - The Basics

List of modules



Lekcja 1: Introduction To DeFi
Lekcja 2: DeFI Ecosystems
Lekcja 3: DeFi Infrastructure
Lekcja 4: Layer 2
Lekcja 5: Analytical Tools
Lekcja 6: Homework


Lekcja 1: Introduction To Stable Coins
Lekcja 2: DAI - Theory
Lekcja 3: DAI - Practice
Lekcja 4: FRAX
Lekcja 5: PAXG
Lekcja 6: Homework


Lekcja 1: DEX vs CEX
Lekcja 2: How Does DEX Work
Lekcja 3: What is Impermanent Loss
Lekcja 4: UNISWAP - Practice
Lekcja 5: Flash Swap
Lekcja 6: Homework


Lekcja 1: Introduction To Loan Protocols
Lekcja 2: How Does Aave Work
Lekcja 3: Liquidation Risk
Lekcja 4: Fash Loans
Lekcja 5: Aave - Practice
Lekcja 6: Homework


Lekcja 1: Synthetic Instruments - Introduction
Lekcja 2: How Does Synthetix Work
Lekcja 3: Risks In The Synthetix Protocol
Lekcja 4: Synthetix - Practice
Lekcja 5: Hedging Strategies
Lekcja 6: Homework


Lekcja 1: DeFi Aggregators - Introduction
Lekcja 2: Swap Optimization - 1Inch
Lekcja 3: Yeld Farming with Leverage - Alpaca Finance
Lekcja 4: Yeld Farming with Leverage - Alpha Homora V2
Lekcja 5: Automatic Investment Strategies -

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