Habit Builder

This course will help you understand the mechanisms of habit building. Learn the process by which you will be able to create better habits and increase your motivation to succeed. You will also learn proven ways to beat procrastination once and for all.

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Habit Builder


Michał Michalski

Michał Michalski

Speaker, business coach, director at PGB HR. An expert on the topic of habits, he is the author of the book, "How to change habits and strengthen a strong will." He has many years of experience in organizational management, in 2017-2018 he served as president of SL Olimpia Poznan. He appears as a speaker at the largest business conferences in Poland.

Agnieszka Maruda - Sperczak

Agnieszka Maruda - Sperczak

Business trainer, ICF Coach, RMP Master, trainer of Instant Influence method, speaker, mentor of leaders.
She trains managers and boards of directors to implement a motivating culture, resulting in increased engagement and improved performance, as well as sales and financial results. She speaks on stage about motivation, emotions, communication, change, sales, relationship building. She dispels myths related to them.

Build habits and defeat procrastination!

Build habits and defeat procrastination!

  • Learn and understand the mechanism of action and habit-building.
  • Find out what is holding you back from taking action and eliminate these obstacles.
  • Learn strategies to speed up habit-building and make the process more effective.
  • Learn how to achieve your goals more effectively, step by step, and where to start.
  • Learn how to take immediate action that produces results and gets into the habit.
  • Learn proven ways to help you overcome procrastination once and for all.
  • Verify what really motivates you and learn to recognize motivators in others.
  • Stop sabotaging your goals and start consciously managing your time and progress.
  • Plan your career or personal development path and start implementing it.

Habit Builder:

Habit Builder 3 Modules
Habit Builder 55 Lessons
Habit Builder 4 h Long

List of modules



Lesson 1: The Power of Habits
Lesson 2: What Are Not Habits?
Lesson 3: What Behavior Do We Call a Habit?
Lesson 4: Barriers to Building Habits
Lesson 5: How Long Does It Take to Build a Habit?
Lesson 6: What to Focus on in Building Habits?
Lesson 7: The Habit Loop - Theory
Lesson 8: The Habit Loop - Practice
Lesson 9: Key Habits
Lesson 10: Warm and Cold Tips
Lesson 11: 5 Types of Tips
Lesson 12: 6 Factors to Accelerate Habit Building
Lesson 13: The 2 Minute Rule
Lesson 14: Mental Simulations
Lesson 15: Space Design
Lesson 16: Monitoring Progress
Lesson 17: Zeigarnic Effect
Lesson 18: Reverse Habits
Lesson 19: The 25-5 Rule



Lesson 1: Intro
Lesson 2: Facts and Myths about Motivation
Lesson 3: Change in Motivation, What Does Motivation Research Tell Us?
Lesson 4: Autonomy and Resistance - Their Roles in Motivation
Lesson 5: The DNA of Motivation - 16 Motivators and Their Intensity
Lesson 6: Useful Structures in Motivation
Lesson 7: The Role of Imagination in Motivation
Lesson 8: The Role of the First Step in Motivation
Lesson 9: PCIT and PCMT Indicators in Motivation
Lesson 10: Instant Influence - 6 Steps to Inner Motivation
QUESTION: Instant Influence
Lesson 11: Motivation Strategies: Ready - Aim - Pile / Ready - Pile - Aim.
Lesson 12: Give Yourself Rest - Rest vs. Motivation
Lesson 13: Putting into Action / Motivation + Action Plan



Lesson 1: Intro
Lesson 2: What is Procrastination and Who Does It Affect?
Lesson 3: How the Mechanism of Procrastination Works and Why Laziness is a Myth
Lesson 4: The Line of Action - Can Procrastination Be More Painful Than Action?
Lesson 5: How Does Motivation Really Work?
Lesson 6: A Simple Way to Start Taking Action Here and Now
Lesson 7: Procrastination Is a Habit
Lesson 8: Creating a Plan Using the Reverse Calendar Method and Swiss Cheese
Lesson 9: Wise Reward Planning
Lesson 10: The 2-Minute and 5-Second Rule in the Fight Against Postponement
Lesson 11: The Power of an Imperfect Beginning
Lesson 12: The Supporting and Weakening Forces of Action
Lesson 13: Organizing Space, or How to Get Rid of Distractors
Lesson 14: The Power of Immediate Consequences When Acting Here and Now
Lesson 15: A Strategy for Using Temptations to Your Advantage to Act
Lesson 16: Accomplish Your Tasks Using the Sandwich Method
Lesson 17: A Sequence of 5 Simple Steps That Will Dramatically Increase Your Effectiveness Throughout the Day
Lesson 18: Probably the Most Effective Technique to Fight Procrastination - Mental Simulations in Practice
Lesson 19: Register of Postponing Action - Individual Factors For Which You Postpone Action and How to Overcome Them
Lesson 20: Ways to Strengthen the Strong Will to Act Here and Now
Lesson 21: Working Effectively, Without Postponing - The Work Block Strategy That Made Me Write a Book in Six Months
Lesson 22: The Pomodoro Technique, or How to Accomplish Tasks Efficiently
Lesson 23: Summary

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