Hack Your Brain PRO

Go a level up! In this course, you'll learn advanced methods on brain hacking and information on how to tailor them individually to your needs. You will find out how to get to the highest level of brain work.

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Hack Your Brain PRO


Kamil Lelonek

Kamil Lelonek

He helps entrepreneurs harness the potential of their brains, improve mental performance, and as a result work more efficiently and earn more. He works mainly with IT people, managers and entrepreneurs.

Kamil is a programmer, I work as a technical team leader and manager in the IT industry, so he understands very well the problems and needs of people working mentally in the most demanding positions.

He has completed a degree in dietetics and postgraduate studies in psychodietetics. He is interested in medicine, neuroscience, brain chemistry and deals extensively with optimizing mental performance. As a result, he knows how to use scientific discoveries to effectively improve mental performance.

Do you have that too?

Do you have that too?

  • You already understand the basics of biohacking. Concepts like longevity, life expectancy and healthspan are not foreign to you, but you don't quite know how to influence them. You are looking for reliable information on how your body functions to increase its performance and longevity.
  • You are interested in methods considered experimental even in the biohacking community, such as taking medicinal mushrooms, microdosing psychedelics or consciously controlling hormones. However, you need reliable materials on how to use them so you don't harm yourself.
  • You feel that you can afford to do more. You can work more efficiently, lead a better social life, raise your libido, grow an even better figure and achieve more success. However, you don't yet know how to realize your full potential.
  • You want to get to know your body and its processes very well. Learn to catch the signals it sends you and take care of your health. You know that by doing so you will achieve maximum performance of your body and mind. You just need reliable and proven tools to help you do it.

Gain maximum mental performance and achieve longevity. With this course, you will learn advanced techniques to improve brain function and slow down the aging process.

Hack Your Brain PRO:

Hack Your Brain PRO 5 Modules
Hack Your Brain PRO 80 Lessons
Hack Your Brain PRO 2,5 h Long

Who will find this training useful?

The knowledge I share is for you if:

  • You already know the basic methods of optimizing brain performance. To understand everything we talk about in it, you should be familiar with the basic elements of increasing your performance. If you know how to take care of your sleep, nutrition, reduce your stress and introduce basic supplementation, this training is for you.
  • You enjoy a good sense of well-being, but have not yet reached 100% performance. You don't have problems with sleep, figure or proper nutrition, and you consider yourself a person who can control stress. However, you still feel that you can look and feel even better and grow faster professionally. You want to use all the capabilities of your mind.
  • You want to learn about ways to achieve longevity. Here you will find techniques considered experimental by medicine and often even in the biohacking community, such as eating medicinal mushrooms, microdosing psychedelics or using peptides. You will learn how to use them so as not to harm yourself.
  • You like to acquire knowledge on your own. Video training is a great idea for people who like to learn when they want to, on their own terms. If you are one of them and have the determination in you, you will definitely like this format.
Who will find this training useful?

List of modules



You will learn about:

  • the role of various organs in the production and secretion of hormones,
  • the principles of action of each of them,
    symptoms of their deficiency and excess,
  • ways to optimize hormone management.


You will learn:

  • what types of medicinal mushrooms are available for consumption,
  • how to use selected mushrooms,
  • how to increase the effectiveness of mushrooms,
  • what substances, dosages and manufacturers I recommend.


You will learn:

  • the types of common psychoactive substances,
    how to approach microdosing from the therapeutic side,
  • what the brain benefits of using psychedelics are,
  • what a universal use protocol is and how to implement it.


You will understand:

  • what properties different peptides have and how to use them,
  • the different ways peptides work on your body,
  • how to prepare solutions of specific substances,
  • which peptides are for you and how to dose them.


You will gain:

  • knowledge of the types of supplements available for selected purposes,
  • supplementation protocols for the most common ailments,
  • information on the best forms of substances and their proper dosage,
  • ways to make safe and effective supplementation.

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