Hack Your Brain

In this course, you will learn techniques and strategies that help reduce fatigue, increase concentration and improve brain performance. You will learn how to take a holistic approach to health to achieve better results at work and in your daily life.

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Hack Your Brain


Kamil Lelonek

Kamil Lelonek

He helps entrepreneurs harness the potential of their brains, improve mental performance, and as a result work more efficiently and earn more. He works mainly with IT people, managers and entrepreneurs.

Kamil is a programmer, I work as a technical team leader and manager in the IT industry, so he understands very well the problems and needs of people working mentally in the most demanding positions.

He has completed a degree in dietetics and postgraduate studies in psychodietetics. He is interested in medicine, neuroscience, brain chemistry and deals extensively with optimizing mental performance. As a result, he knows how to use scientific discoveries to effectively improve mental performance.

Do you know this?

Do you know this?

  • You are after a hard day's work. In the evening you can't fall asleep. At night you wake up every now and then, and your sleep is shallow. When morning comes, you feel as if you haven't slept at all.... and the next tasks ahead of you.
  • You are bothered by the extra pounds, but you don't know which diet will be right for you. You don't have time to count calories. Previous attempts at weight loss have not brought you long-term results. You are not satisfied with the way your body looks.
  • When you work out, you want to give 200% of yourself. Unfortunately, after just 3-4 hours, your brain's performance is close to zero. What's more, you get distracted by the slightest notification. You can't focus, and in order to perform your duties, you often stay in the office until the evening.
  • The constant feeling of exhaustion, constant stress, low efficiency at work makes you practically have no social life, and your family complains about your absence and perpetual irritability. Your relationships suffer severely, and your friends stop contacting you.
  • You want to get rid of these problems, so you look online for tips. You wonder what to eat to feel better, or what supplements to take to support the workings of your body and mind. Each source gives you different, often contradictory information. You don't know who to trust, so you give up.

Stop wasting your life and health on activities that don't help you achieve your goals. Focus on the scientifically proven methods presented in this course!

Hack Your Brain:

Hack Your Brain 7 Modules
Hack Your Brain 7 Lessons
Hack Your Brain +1 h Long

Who will find this training useful?

The knowledge I share is for you if:

  • You care about long-term results
    Some people see the results of introducing biohacking principles into their lives almost immediately, and others after a few weeks. However, the most important thing is that they are not short-lived and will stay with you for a long time.
  • Are you ready to invest
    If you want to take care of your health, you need extensive diagnostics and to supplement deficiencies with diet and supplements. It's definitely worth it, and your investment will more than pay off after just 3 months of implementing these changes.
  • You have the determination in you
    Biohacking is not about ingesting random supplements and waiting for results. Your mind is powerful and doesn't like change, so in order to teach it to deal with stress or fatigue, you need discipline.
  • You like to absorb knowledge on your own
    Video training is something for you if you like to learn and want to understand certain patterns, principles and how your body works on your own.
Who will find this training useful?

List of modules



You will learn:

  • what sleep hygiene is and how to take care of it,
  • how to monitor your rest,
  • which supplements improve the quality of your body's recovery,
  • what the protocol for regulating your chronotype and biological clock is all about.


You will learn:

  • the role of physical activity in biohacking,
  • clever ways to incorporate movement into your daily regimen,
  • the principles of peri-workout meals,
  • facts and myths related to sports.


You will learn:

  • how to compose meals to absorb the most value from them,
  • how to choose the right diet and nutrition model for yourself,
  • how to get rid of excess weight healthily and permanently,
  • which foods affect the work of your brain.


You will understand:

  • what the mental and physical aspects of stress are,
  • what consequences chronic tension causes,
  • which breathing techniques will help you stay calm,
  • whether meditation practices are for you,
  • how physical activity affects stress.


You will receive:

  • ways to reduce the cost of testing,
  • principles of proper preparation for measurements,
  • methods for obtaining reliable results,
  • knowledge on how to select appropriate tests and laboratories.


You will gain:

  • a universal plan that I have prepared for you,
  • principles of safe supplementation,
  • ways to make effective supplementation,
  • discounts on the best products.


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