Learn Dance (from Zero to Hero)

This program is designed for men. It will help you finally stop propping up the walls at parties. It will help you get rid of your fear of dancing and start enjoying being on the dance floor.

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Learn Dance (from Zero to Hero)


Damian Myśliwy

Damian Myśliwy

He has been dancing for 16 years and is the Polish Cheppendales Champion. He started Dance Control training for 6 years and has trained almost 4000 people during that time. He wrote a book "How to dance with a girl" explaining his system step by step. He has given advice to Men's Health, Cosmopolitan, TVN Style, and has accumulated more than 40,000 followers on social media.

Most men don't dance...

Most men don't dance...

They avoid the dance floor not because they are ashamed, but simply don't know what to do. Their dancing is monotonous and boring. They lack freedom, slackness and constantly repeat the same repetitive pattern - turn, turn, transition.

It doesn't matter if you've ever been to a dance class or if you can't do anything at all. The training is prepared in such a way that without experience or any dance skills you can learn to dance (from zero to hero).

Learn Dance (from Zero to Hero):

Learn Dance (from Zero to Hero) 5 Modules
Learn Dance (from Zero to Hero) 27 Lessons
Learn Dance (from Zero to Hero) + 1 h Long

Who is the course for?

The program is designed for people who:

  • They want to learn to dance, try something new and break through their barriers.
    If you are a person who can't dance but would like to learn, this course is for you. This course is also ideal for people who already know a few dance moves, but want to learn more to add variety to their dances and stop repeating the same boring pattern.
  • They avoid dancing because of stress or fear of being laughed at in front of others.
    This course will help you break down these barriers and start enjoying dancing.
  • They want to feel good about themselves and have fun.
    Whether you are a beginner or want to improve your dancing skills, this course will allow you to enjoy dancing and have fun with your partner on the dance floor.
Who is the course for?

List of modules



Lesson 1: Introduction to the Course
Lesson 2: Warm-up
Lesson 3: Introduction to the Wave
Lesson 4: Setting Up For The Wave
Lesson 5: Wave
Lesson 6: Wave Training at Home - "Kasia"
Lesson 7: Hip Work - Introduction
Lesson 8: Hip Work
Lesson 9: Tasks - Completion



Lesson 1: Introduction to Partnering - The Basics
Lesson 2: The Charge
Lesson 3: Sensual Turning
Lesson 4: Crossing the Shoulder
Lesson 5: Triple Turn
Lesson 6: Passing Over the Hip
Lesson 7: Dynamic Transition



Lesson 1: Lifting - Introduction
Lesson 2: Lifting from the Knee
Lesson 3: Lifting at the Hip



Lesson 1: Sequences - Introduction
Lesson 2: Sequence 1 - Initial
Lesson 3: Sequence 2 - Dynamic
Lesson 4: Sequence 2.1 - Dynamic
Lesson 5: Sequence 3 - Sensorial
Lesson 6: Sequence 3.1 - Sensorial



Lesson 1: Demonstration - Dynamic
Lesson 2: Demonstration - Sensual

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