NFTs For Beginners

This program will help you understand what NFT is and how to safely buy, sell, and store your first token.

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NFTs For Beginners
Learn, understand and start using the NFT technology

Learn, understand and start using the NFT technology

From this FREE course you will learn:

  • How to avoid scams and frauds and fully take care of security in the NFT world.
  • Why have NFTs gained such immense popularity, and where does the secret of this technology's innovation lie.
  • What is the use of NFTs (hint: it's not just colourful images - the possible use cases for tokens are enormous!).
  • Everything you need to know before you enter the world of NFTs.


FREE COURSE: NFTs For Beginners 5 Modules
FREE COURSE: NFTs For Beginners 31 Lessons
FREE COURSE: NFTs For Beginners 4 h Long

List of modules

NFTs 101

NFTs 101

Lesson 1: Staying Safe In The World of NFTs
Lesson 2: What Are NFTs All About?
Lesson 3: Preparing To Buy An NFT
Lesson 4: Buying An NFT
Lesson 5: Selling An NFT
Lesson 6: Minting An NFT



Lesson 1: OpenSea
Lesson 2: Reveal
Lesson 3: Flippers vs Holders
Lesson 4: Rarity
Lesson 5: The Main Ecosystem
Lesson 6: The Supporting Ecosystem



Lesson 1: The Genesis NFTs
Lesson 2: Staking
Lesson 3: Logging In With An NFT
Lesson 4: Transferring An NFT
Lesson 5: How to Make Money with NFTs?
Lesson 6: The Whitelist Process
Lesson 7: Gas Fee Optimization



Lesson 1: Average Price and Liquidity
Lesson 2: When To Sell And When To Hold?
Lesson 3: Team and Community Observation
Lesson 4: Who And How To Watch: Groups And People
Lesson 5: Who And How To Watch: YouTube
Lesson 6: Red Flags



Lesson 1: Private Key - The Most Important Element
Lesson 2: Ensuring Metamask Safety
Lesson 3: Using A Physical Key - Trezor
Lesson 4: Discord Security
Lesson 5: How To Properly Work With Metamask
Lesson 6: Examples of Scams

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