Stay Safe in the Crypto World

You will learn how, step by step, to safely buy and store your cryptocurrencies, as well as how to multifacetedly analyze cryptocurrency projects for security.

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Stay Safe in the Crypto World


Kamil Polak

Kamil Polak

An enthusiast of blockchain technology and Chainlink Ambassador in Poland. An expert in model risk management in banks with more than 7 years of experience in financial markets.

Is this course for you?

Is this course for you?

Stay Safe in the Crypto World is especially recommended for:

  • beginners who want to use cryptocurrencies safely.
  • people who want to expand their knowledge in the area of security in the crypto world.
  • people who want to learn about the methods used by fraudsters in the cryptocurrency world.
  • those who want to improve the security of their investments.
  • people who want to learn how to analyze cryptocurrency projects for security.
  • people who want to learn methods of recovering stolen cryptocurrencies.

Stay Safe in the Crypto World:

Stay Safe in the Crypto World 4 Modules
Stay Safe in the Crypto World 24 Lessons
Stay Safe in the Crypto World +4 h Long

What you will learn?

You will learn about the most common threats lurking for cryptocurrency users. You will learn how to safely store and transfer cryptocurrencies. Based on a case study, you will see, step-by-step, how the biggest frauds in the crypto world happened. And finally, I will show you advanced methods for analyzing the security of cryptocurrency projects.

What you will learn?

List of modules



Lesson 1: Overview of Popular Attack Vectors Against Cryptocurrency Users
Lesson 2: Frauds Related to the NFT Ecosystem
Lesson 3: Fraud in the Metaverse
Lesson 4: Risks in the DeFi Ecosystem
Lesson 5: Manipulations of Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Lesson 6: How to Recover Stolen Cryptocurrencies



Lesson 1: Overview of Available Cryptocurrency Wallets
Lesson 2: How to Secure a Hardware Wallet
Lesson 3: How to Secure a MetaMask with a Hardware Wallet
Lesson 4: Managing the Approve Function
Lesson 5: How to Safely Store NFTs
Lesson 6: How to Check If a Project Is Not a Scam



Lesson 1: Front Running
Lesson 2: Pump And Dump
Lesson 3: Fake Giveaway
Lesson 4: NFT Rug Pull
Lesson 5: Using Phishing To Attack Hardware Wallets
Lesson 6: The "For Exchange" Scam



Lesson 1: Etherscan - Spoofing
Lesson 2: Etherscan - Identifying Hidden Commissions
Lesson 3: Honeypot Detector
Lesson 4: Github - Analysis of Critical Project Errors
Lesson 5: Token Sniffer - Simplified Smart Contract Audit
Lesson 6: Suspicious Project Alert Plugin

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