Question: What are the benefits of having an eduworlds access card?

Answer: A person with access card eduworlds has access to a portal where they can choose 1 course every 2 weeks. Currently, there are 19 courses (17 in Polish, 2 in English). You can find a list of courses on our website: https://eduworlds.com. The list of courses will grow over time.

Question: What courses will I get for my access card eduworlds? Does access card eduworlds provide access to all courses?

Answer: In the first version it was: 15 courses. The list will be gradually expanded with new courses in different languages. There are currently 19 courses on the platform.

Question: If I have> 1 access card eduworlds on the same wallet, will I be able to access several courses at once (1 / access card eduworlds) or only 1 / wallet?

Answer: To enter the portal, you need to attach a wallet from access card eduworlds. With all the eduworlds access cards in one wallet, you can link different eduworlds access cards to different courses there. For example, you have 3 access card eduworlds: one is exchange to the Paid Newsletter Academy 🌎, the second to Start a Successful Blog 🇵🇱, the third to Master Your Goals 🇵🇱.

Question: Will the access card eduworlds used to access the courses get burned?

Answer: No, the access card eduworlds are not burned. With 1 access card eduworlds every 2 weeks, you can exchange them for 1 course, available on the portal.

Question: How long do I have to wait for my eduworlds access card wallet to be uploaded?

Answer: We send cards as soon as possible.

Purchase for PLN between 09.09.2022 and 30.09.2022 – we send the card after completing the survey, usually in less than 24 hours after completing the survey the card should already be in your wallet.

Purchase for ETH or with OpenSea – the card should arrive in your wallet as soon as the transaction is completed.


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